Van Mal Group Construction can tailor construction services to perfectly fit your specific project requirements. The company has extensive experience working in the office, retail, government and hospitality sectors. They can deliver a breadth of solutions including:

  • Construction services: full construction, refurbishment, fitout, demolition, strip-out and facility maintenance/management
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Cost planning
  • Design development
  • Construction methodology assessment
  • Buildability assessment
  • OHS constraints and management
  • Environmental constraints and management


Van Mal Group Construction provides construction services for a range of sectors including commercial, residential, retail, government, and industrial and facility management. Offering a full range of services from design and planning to management and maintenance, Van Mal Group Construction has developed a reputation for delivering successful projects on time and within budget for clients including NSW Police and Sydney Water.

Project Sectors

Van Mal Group Construction works in the office, residential, retail, government and hospitality sectors providing superior construction services. Working in close collaboration with clients, their vast portfolio of completed works includes successful constructions and refurbishments/fitouts with official departments including NSW Police and Sydney Water.

Other successful projects include a range of projects for high-traffic retail sites and industrial and commercial sites in Greater Sydney. Van Mal Group Construction has developed a strong reputation for delivering to time and budget, which means that clients come back time and again with their construction requirements.

For more information on the range of projects completed, click here to see our portfolio.

Delivery Methods

Van Mal Group Construction offers flexible procurement methods. Variable options include tendered lump sum or a negotiated lump sum payment, through to construction management or design and construct.

Lump Sum / Fixed Price
Do you already have detailed drawings and specifications for your building project? Van Mal Group Construction can issue a lump sum or fixed price quote for the project using the Group's trusted subcontractors.

Construction Management
You may have your own designers and contractors that you wish to engage. Van Mal Group Construction can provide the management service you need during the building process.

Design and Construct
Van Mal Group Construction can provide a comprehensive design with full architectural and services engineering documentation to suit your specific building requirements. They will take care of every aspect of the project including inception, design, documentation, site-establishment, construction and fit-out all the way through to final handover.